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Custom Electron Beam Deposition Services

 DTI has recently added Ion Beam Assisted Electron Beam Deposition (IBAD) to its technology portfolio. IBAD is a thin film deposition process combining electron beam evaporation with concurrent ion beam bombardment in a high vacuum environment. The coating material is evaporated using a high power electron beam. Simultaneously, highly energetic ions (100-2000 eV) are produced and directed at the web surface. The concurrent ion bombardment differentiates IBAD from other thin film deposition techniques. It significantly improves adhesion, and permits control over film properties such as morphology, density, stress level, crystallinity, and chemical composition. Ion bombardment inter-mixes coating and substrate atoms and eliminates the columnar microstructure often observed in conventional, low temperature physical vapor deposition. This advanced process creates very dense, adherent film structures that are far superior to conventional thin film processes. IBAD is capable of depositing many different types of metallic and ceramic coatings (see table below). Our ion beam deposition services can be applied to applications such as the medical field (metals) as well as for improving wear resistance. To learn more about our thin film, ion beam deposition services, see the table below or contact us directly. 

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Electron Beam Deposition Capabilities

MaterialsRepresentative Metals

Representative Ceramic Materials
Titanium Nitride
Aluminum Nitride
Silicon Dioxide
Aluminum Oxide
SubstratePlastic Film, Metal strip, Non-woven
Surface ModificationPlasma Treatment
Application ProcessIon Beam Assisted Deposition
Roll WidthUp to 65 in (165 cm)
Roll Diameter (OD)Up to 30 in (76 cm)
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