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Flexible Electronics & Displays

Flexible Electronics & DisplaysFlexible Electronics & Displays

DTI offers advanced, optically clear conductive films (ITO and TCO), which are ideally suited for use in applications such as touch screens, flexible and other electronic displays.

Index-matched ITO films are available for specific applications. DTI's sputtered conductive films exhibit high optical clarity providing maximum light transmission as well as precise electrical resistance for optimum efficiency. DTI's Anti-Reflective films are used for anti-glare applications and can be tailored to the specific product application, while maximizing light transmission.

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Transparent Conductive & Anti-Reflective Films for Flexible Electronics & Displays




Transparent conductive filmsHigh clarity
Electrical resistance range
U.V. and/or Heat stabilized
Index matched
≥ 94% VLT
2.5-1000 ohms/square
Anti-reflective filmsConductive and non-conductive films≤ 0.5% reflectance
EMI shielding filmsHigh clarity and performance2.5-10 ohms/square
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