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Window Films for Solar Control Applications

Window Films for Solar Control Applications
Window Films for Solar Control Applications

DTI serves the Solar Control market by supplying precision vacuum coated and sputtered films to window film manufacturers worldwide. This includes films for residential, commercial architectural and automotive applications. By combining advanced solar control technology with transparent conductive coatings, capabilities, DTI is able to extend its reach into high-tech applications such as smart windows and displays. DTI's wide range of sputtered window film includes both industry standard products as well as DTI's proprietary materials.

DTI is one of only a few independent web sputter coaters worldwide that is not vertically integrated. This makes DTI the ideal partner for window film manufacturers who do not have in-house vacuum coating capabilities, or who wish to outsource production of selected products.

To learn more about DTI's window film technology and products, see below or contact DTI directly.

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Window Film Products Highlights

Industry standard films examples are:

  • Nickel Chrome or Inconel
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN)
  • Bronze NCN (NiCr-Copper-NiCr)
  • NiCr-Silver-NiCr (NSN)
  • Aluminum

DTI proprietary films include but are not limited to:

  • Endurance Silver (lower reflectance, improved corrosion resistance)
  • Endurance Copper (lower reflectance, improved corrosion resistance)
  • Low-E NiCr
  • Low reflectance Aluminum
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