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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy

DTI serves the alternative energy industry by providing conductive or reflective sputtered films for thin film photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, thin film batteries, and other energy products. DTI's reflective films are used on CSP parabolic troughs allowing them to reflect over 95% of the sun light, and focusing it towards the heat tube located in the reflector's focal line. In addition to their outstanding optical properties, these films are robust enough to withstand the rigors of continued weather exposure as well as provide protection to the reflective layers during cleaning of the parabolic reflector.

DTI's conductive films such as indium tin oxide (ITO) and other transparent conductive oxides (TCO) provide optical clarity while ensuring electrical conductivity that is custom matched for specific product applications. These products are used in energy generating products such as thin film photovoltaic solar and thin film batteries for contact layers and electrodes.

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Transparent Conductive & Reflective Films




Transparent Conductive FilmsHigh clarity
Electrical resistance range
U.V. and/or Heat stabilized
�� 94% VLT
2.5-1000 ohms/square
Reflective FilmsHigh reflectivity
Scratch resistance
Up to 98% reflectance
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